1. chubums:

    Just uploaded my first Let’s Play video to youtube!

    In the spirit of the season I decided to play Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. Check it out and let me know what you think. I’ve got plenty more amnesia on the way as well as ideas for other games to play.

    Oi followers! My good friend Chubums just started up a new Let’s Play channel, and y’all should check out his first video.  You wont regret it, I promise you.  And if you wanna stick around on his channel, tell him I said hi!

  2. The Crown of the Sunken King


  3. Hey look, 250 followers again.  Rock on, hi to all of you, new and old.

    So I feel like I should do another status update with my life and whatnots.

    About a month ago I moved in with my girlfriend, which has been absolutely amazing so far.  We have a little apartment in Renton, and it is great.

    Today was my first day of class at the University of Washington, which was all good.  Sadly I only have one class, cause I got to register for classes pretty late, but I’m ok with a slow start to the university life.  I’m taking AMATH 301, which is scientific computing.  Hopefully it doesn’t turn out so bad.

    Also, I just got a new processor today as all, which is installed and good to go.  I’m super pumped to see how it can handle me running Fallout and Skyrim with ENBs and all of that stuff, so I’ll let you all know how that goes when I get around to doing it.

    But lately I’ve been really into playing Payday 2, and I’m starting to get back into Dark Souls II (just in time for the third DLC).  I wanna do some challenge runs for the game, like a SL1 run (which I already started) and a consumable item only run (like I can only use throwing knives or firebombs, ect.).  So we will see how they go.

    I think that about covers it, thanks for stopping by and following my blog!  Hopefully you’ll see more from me soon.

  4. The lighting in this game is just too crazy.

  5. For those that didn’t know, if you attack the Executioner’s Chariot without closing the gate, once he gets to low enough health, he will fail to jump the gap and just hang there, like a nerd.

    If you stand towards the gap, he will jump high enough so you wont get ran the fuck over.  So you can shoot him with archery or magic, whatever floats your boat.

  6. Gotta love that boat.

  7. Can someone explain how the fuck this sword was broken off of the statue and got stuck here?

  8. Woo, I finally went and beat the game without using resting at any bonfires!

    Although I really did this like over a month ago, I was just too lazy to post it here.

    For anyone who doesn’t know, if you beat the game without resting at any bonfires (not including primal bonfires), you are rewarded with the Illusory Ring of the Exalted.  This ring makes it so whatever weapon in your right hand will be invisible.

    This ring is pretty god damn tits, I can’t lie.  This character, named Giant Dayne, is a strength character, and it is beautiful having my weapons be invisible.  For PvP, I usually have a big weapon, like the Curved Dragon Greatsword or the Great Club, a small weapon, like a Drakekeeper Sword, and the Gargoyle Bident.  Being able to switch styles at any time is awesome for keeping enemies on their toes.  For example, I’ll start with the sword, then after I see them bait for parries, I switch the the Great Club and smash them in the face.  It is so great.

  9. Oh yeah, so I got accepted to the University of Washington.  So that’s all sorts of fun.

  10. Woo, finally reached over 400 hours in Dark Souls II.  So at this point in time, Dark Souls II is the only game I’ve ever played to keep me entertained for a solid 400 hours without me growing tired of it.  If you couldn’t tell, I love this game.

  11. I am the sexiest warrior in all of Drangleic.

  12. My friend Chubums and I were being sexy Bell Predators with my other friend Klaus as the host, it was so much damn fun.  We ran around with Vanquisher’s Seals and punched everything, it was insane.

  13. Here is my most recent character to beat the game, Beefy Dayne.  As you can see, he likes to power stance big ol’ weapons.  Hence the 90 STR.  Cause Giant Warrior Clubs are so much fun.

    My most used weapons are the Giant Warrior Club, Demon’s Great Hammer, Greatsword, Gyrm Great Hammer, King’s Ultra Greatsword, Malformed Skull, and Dragontooth.  Once I get the upgrade materials, I definitely plan on using the Giant Stone Axe, Iron King Hammer, and the Butcher Knife.

    This character is so much damn fun.  I’m terrible at PvP with him, but PvE is so great.  I really want to rank up in the Dragon covenant, cause the damage boost from the torso stone would be so sick for bosses.  But sadly, that requires PvP.  But I’ll get there in time.  If anyone has any pointers to help with PvP for a character like this, I wanna hear it.

  14. Woo, look at my new baby, Iron Tarkus. This is my second shiny Metagross, but my first one was a defensive one, and in light of Mega Metagross, I wanted an offensive one.

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  15. Woo, finally reached 1000 hours in Pokemon Y. God damn.

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