1. Oh yeah, so I got accepted to the University of Washington.  So that’s all sorts of fun.

  2. Woo, finally reached over 400 hours in Dark Souls II.  So at this point in time, Dark Souls II is the only game I’ve ever played to keep me entertained for a solid 400 hours without me growing tired of it.  If you couldn’t tell, I love this game.

  3. I am the sexiest warrior in all of Drangleic.

  4. My friend Chubums and I were being sexy Bell Predators with my other friend Klaus as the host, it was so much damn fun.  We ran around with Vanquisher’s Seals and punched everything, it was insane.

  5. Here is my most recent character to beat the game, Beefy Dayne.  As you can see, he likes to power stance big ol’ weapons.  Hence the 90 STR.  Cause Giant Warrior Clubs are so much fun.

    My most used weapons are the Giant Warrior Club, Demon’s Great Hammer, Greatsword, Gyrm Great Hammer, King’s Ultra Greatsword, Malformed Skull, and Dragontooth.  Once I get the upgrade materials, I definitely plan on using the Giant Stone Axe, Iron King Hammer, and the Butcher Knife.

    This character is so much damn fun.  I’m terrible at PvP with him, but PvE is so great.  I really want to rank up in the Dragon covenant, cause the damage boost from the torso stone would be so sick for bosses.  But sadly, that requires PvP.  But I’ll get there in time.  If anyone has any pointers to help with PvP for a character like this, I wanna hear it.

  6. Woo, look at my new baby, Iron Tarkus. This is my second shiny Metagross, but my first one was a defensive one, and in light of Mega Metagross, I wanted an offensive one.

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  7. Woo, finally reached 1000 hours in Pokemon Y. God damn.

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  8. dovahkiin-suleyk-deactivated201 said: NICE THOUGHTS CHALLENGE. Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send this to 10 of your favorite followers. But not back to me, of course.

    Oh boy oh boy, let’s do this.

    1.  I like to think that I have a nice personality.  Not a lot of people hate me, so that’s a good sign.

    2.  I’m a bit of a big boy, but I don’t care about it. I’m at no immediate health risk for being overweight, so I’m good with how I am.

    3.  I like to think that I’m kind of smart.  I’ve taken math classes that, in my experience, people only know about if they’ve taken them, so that’s fun.

    4.  Umm… I tend to have a positive personality.  I don’t really get in down moods or anything like that, I’m generally a happy guy.

    5.  I’m pretty easy going guy.  It takes a lot to make me mad or to stress me out or what-have-you.

    Wow, that took way too long to do.  I lost valuable Dark Souls II time with that.

  9. Woo!  Got 38 out of 38 achievements for Dark Souls II.  Now I can focus more on PvP again.

  10. Here is my most recent character to beat the game, known straight up as Daynish.  He specializes in straight swords and punching, with a bow in there cause some range is nice at times.

    This is probably the character that I’ve had the most fun with so far.  For weapons, I got a Fire Vangarian Sword and a Lightning Heide Knight Sword for different coverages, and cause they rock.  I got a Poison Sun Sword as well, but I need to remove the poison from it, cause I don’t like it really.  Then my left hand is always free, cause with the Vanquisher’s Seal, my punches do about as much damage as my swords.  More on certain enemies.  And bopping people on PvP with my fist is always fun, and unexpected for them.

    As for armor and rings, I’m not using anything special.  Just Insolent Helm and Gauntlets, Alva Armor chest piece, and Vengarl’s Boots.  They aren’t anything special really; I just wanted to make an armor set revolving around the Alva Armor chest piece, and so far this is my favorite look.  Because I love Fashion Souls.  For rings, I have the Vanquisher’s Seal, as mentioned before, as well as the Third Dragon Ring for all around greatness, with the Ring of Blades +1 and Chloranthy Ring +1, cause I have yet to get +2 for both of those.

    At the moment I’m a BellBro, but after I get to rank 3 I think I’ll be a BloodBro.  I really want that awesome aura, it looks so damn sick.

    But yeah, that’s Daynish.


  11. adarkenedroom said: Which of the Old Ones did you go find first on your playthrough of Dark Souls 2? I'm having trouble deciding where I want to go lol. If it helps, I'm rolling a hexer build and am somewhere around SL 100.

    I’m a creature of habit, so I normally go with The Lost Sinner, then The Old Iron King, then The Rotten, then The Duke’s Dear Freja.  But for my hexer, I went to The Old Iron King way as soon as I could, cause you can meet a hexer guy early that is pretty awesome for you.  But difficulty wise, I think the way I go is the best.

  12. Aw yeah, I got two Channeler’s Tridents in a row.  I’m gonna have to make a build with these.


  13. Woo, finals are done

    Thank the lord.  Now that I’m on summer break, I have more time for my girlfriend, Dark Souls II, some killing floor, and Pokemon.

    Hell yeah.


  14. Wow, this school thing is a real Ass Kicker

    Who told me to take Differential Equations and Engineering Physics III?  They need to get hit.

    But next Wednesday is my last day of school, so after that, expect to see a lot more activity on my blog.

    Until then though, my life will be mostly math, physics, and studying.  With a little bit of essay and presentation thrown in the mix.  

    And whatever amount of girlfriend, Dark Souls II, and Pokemon I can get in there. The fun part about having a girlfriend who is into games is I can knock out two of those birds out with one stone, so that’s rather cool.

    Damn it, I didn’t take math class to write a paper on Chaos Theory.


  15. One of my favorite things while doing PvP on the Iron Keep bridge is being summoned to a fight club.  That shit is always so fun.